All trading involves risk.
It is possible to lose all your capital.

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What are CFDs?

CFDs stand for Contracts for Differences which are types of financial instruments that allow you to trade a specific asset without actually owning it. In other words, you can speculate on the asset’s price movements.

If the price of the specific asset moves upwards, then the price of the CFD will do so as well and vice versa. You can trade CFDs on multiple currency pairs and metals with Forexland.

Trading CFDs

Speculate on the price movement

CFD trading is very similar to forex trading only that with CFD trading traders do not have to actually own the underlying asset but rather speculate on its price. Traders enter buying or selling positions based on their predictions regarding the asset’s price.

For example, when using the MT4 platform to trade, you choose your preferred financial instrument and place your order. If you believe that the price of the instrument will increase, you will buy the specific CFD and vice versa.

Potential risks

As with any type of investment, if the price moves in the opposite direction compared to what you had predicted, then this can lead to the potential loss of your capital. That is why you should always be aware of the risks involved before engaging in CFD trading.


Since CFDs are products traded with leverage, you can open a position in the market with only a part of the value of the trade in total. This is also known as trading on margin. Trading on margin is twofold though. You can either boost your profits or magnify your losses.

All trading involves risk.
It is possible to lose all your capital.

Forexland trading environment

Market expertise

Forexland’s market expertise and exceptional trading conditions allow for a competitive CFD trading environment and a unique trading experience for all traders.

Advanced features

Being always in line with technological advancements, we provide a robust network of online trading, investing and financial solutions to all our traders worldwide. Our products and services enable access to the global markets for traders of all types and trading styles.

Trading achievements

Forexland strives to help traders experience the best possible trading conditions under a bespoke trading environment so as to meet their trading goals. To help you achieve this, Forexland provides the right tools to pursue your trading goals.