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Trade on the go with Forexland’s MT4 for Android

With more users using mobile apps for their online trading needs, an increasing number of traders and investors are executing trades through their mobiles. Mobile applications provide traders with easy access to their accounts wherever they are and find it more convenient to gain real-time access to the financial markets. Traders can use the MT4 Android for trading forex anytime anywhere, and can enjoy the latest trading tools and user-friendly interface on any Android device. Explore the advantages of MT4 by downloading now through Google Play. Start forex trading with Forexland’s platform.

Benefits of the MT4 Android

With smartphones, forex traders do not need to be tied to one place spending hours watching their trading screens. Instead, they can monitor the markets through their mobiles wherever they are. Mobile trading with MT4 allows you to have effective control over your trading account as you can trade 24/5 anytime, anywhere.

You can perform all order types and execution modes and get full access to historical data and advanced charting facilities.

You can access 3 types of charts:

You also have access to 30 of the most popular technical indicators, and you can simultaneously open up to 10 indicator windows so you can get a better scope of what you are doing, increasing analytical capabilities to help you implement your trading strategy in the most accurate way.

A series of 24 analytical objects, from lines, channels, geometric shapes, as well as Gann, Fibonacci and Elliott tools are available to support your trading. You can even access financial news and enjoy free mobile chat and email to communicate with other traders.

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Start forex trading and explore a range of markets with Forexland’s MT4 platform.

Why use MetaTrader 4 for Android?

The biggest advantage of mobile trading is the ease of access to a trading account. This mobile trading platform allows you to access your account on the go via devices powered by the popular Android OS.

MT4 for Android offers a collection of tools that you can utilise in order to execute your trading strategy, including a complete set of orders, trading history, interactive charts, and technical analysis which are all available at your fingertips. Trade Forex with your Android smartphone or tablet and explore the great variety of analytical options as well as having effective control over your trading account.

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